Pay your DIA bill online.  DIA bills for services at Samaritan Health in Albany, and Legacy Health in Silverton and Woodburn.

‚ÄčNOTICE:  If you received a letter from your insurance company about DIA dropping its contract with the insurer, you do not need to do anything.  This is a government-required notice from the insurer.  DIA no longer contracts with local hospitals, so you will not receive or be billed for any services from DIA if your date of service is later than January 19, 2020.

As of January 26, 2018, Diagnostic Imaging of Salem has permanently closed.  DIA and Diagnostic Imaging of Salem no longer occupy the building at 1165 Union St NE in Salem.

Diagnostic Imaging of Salem was owned by Diagnostic Imaging Associates, Inc (DIA).  DIA remains in business and provides professional radiology services.  DIA will maintain the medical records for patients of Diagnostic Imaging of Salem.

Medical Records are available and will remain available for a minimum of 10-years (until 2028). 

If you are having an exam done at another facility, your records will be requested by the facility that will be performing your exam. 

If you are a medical facility, please fax your records request to 503-391-1200.  We do not accept verbal requests from providers or facilities.

As a patient, you are always welcome to request a copy of your medical records by calling the number below.  Patients may leave a verbal request.

As of January 19, 2020, DIA no longer provides services for Albany General Hospital or Silverton Hospital.  Albany General Hospital's professional radiology services are now provided by Corvallis Radiology.  Silverton Hospital's professional radiology services are now provided by Salem Radiology Consultants.

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