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[Radiation Safety]

Diagnostic Imaging of Salem realizes the concerns patients have had about radiation exposure for quite some time. We have been dedicated to, and leaders in, reducing radiation exposure for our patients for many years.  The doctors at Diagnostic Imaging of Salem have invested in the latest technology to provide excellent images with a greatly reduced radiation dose. We were the first in the area with low dose digital mammography, computed radiography, and CT scans. Our CT scanner uses the newest dose modulation technology, coupled with the latest hardware, which markedly reduces the radiation dose for each CT scan (up to 50%).  Each exam is tailored by our Radiologists, specific to each patient, to provide the best exam at the lowest radiation dose possible. We are the first in the area to join the “Image Gently” campaign by which we monitor and reduce the dose and exposure for our pediatric patients. Diagnostic Imaging of Salem also follows the “Image Wisely” protocols which help reduce radiation exposure and the number of exams for all of our patients.

 Rest assured when you or your loved one's exam is completed at Diagnostic Imaging of Salem, you are getting the highest quality study with the lowest radiation dose possible.