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Diagnostic Imaging of Salem is connected!

Even though we are named Diagnostic Imaging of Salem, we provide services to a much larger area.  We have invested in a complex high speed network that links us with imaging centers and hospitals  as far north as Woodburn, as far east as Silverton, Grande Ronde to the west, and as far South as Albany! We provide specialist interpretations for seven centers in the region.  With these sites linked any of our radiologists can read a study done at one of our other locations instantaneously. This provides greater access to a radiologist that specializes in your type of study. This also allows your study to be read in a timely manner resulting in a quicker report turnaround time.  A report is usually available within the same day, most of the time within two hours of your exam! We also have securely connected to several hospitals and imaging centers in the region and have access to multiple PACS (systems that store medical images) for faster access to prior studies done at another location.  Our high-speed network has connections to OHSU, Samaritan Health services (Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Lincoln City) , Salem Hospital, Silverton Hospital, Hope Orthopedics, and more.  We can also use these connections to send a copy of your study out to these locations.  For example if you are referred to HOPE orthopedics by your primary care provider, they will have instant access to the images done here.

Diagnostic Imaging of Salem, and the Doctors of Diagnostic Imaging Associates, remain at the forefront in bringing the latest technology and high quality interpretations to the patients, not only in Salem, but in an area that covers most of the Willamette Valley. No one else can make that claim.